Become an intern with PEA!

Internship Summary

We’re looking for a motivated, self-directed intern to support our marketing and programs at PEA. The fall intern will work part time (10-20 hours a week) during the semester. This internship is ideal for someone interested in gaining experience in the non-profit and small-business world.

Announcing PEA's new Executive Director

Piedmont Environmental Alliance is pleased to announce that Jamie Maier has been named Executive Director. Jamie has served as PEA's Environmental Education Specialist since October 2015 and directed the 2016 Piedmont Earth Day Fair. Jamie is a graduate of Duke University, with years of experience in the nonprofit sector.

Become an intern with PEA!

We’re looking for motivated, self-directed interns to take on significant projects to help build our growing organization. The summer intern will work part time (10-20 hours a week) and focus on a range of tasks integral to the functioning of the organization, including online and social media marketing, database management, and fundraising & program support.

How to Fix Sorry Soils

Do you have bare spots in your yard? You might call these areas of poor soil ‘sorry soil’, because they are sorry examples of what good soils should look like. Life on earth depends on that upper layer of soil because it nurtures the growth of plants, filters our water, and provides habitat for a wide range of living organisms. Soil and plants go together, but when the soil gives out, the plants go away, and we end up with ‘sorry soil’.

4 Ways to Sustainably Share the Love this Valentine's Day

by: Hannah Slodounik, Program Coordinator, WFU Office of Sustainability

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for chocolate, wine, and flowers. However, the impact these indulgences have on the environment and producers is often forgotten. Use the following tips to spread the love this “heart day” and remember to Eat. Drink. Think.

Composting Year-round

Did you know that you can still compost in the winter? If you are already removing leaves and picking up fallen branches from your landscape and driveway to make your yard look nice, why not compost them. Nearly 30 percent of the waste homeowners throw in the garbage each year can be composted. After the holidays your Christmas tree can be composted as well. Just shred the limbs and add to your pile. You can toss your tree onto the compost pile but it might take ten months to decompose. 

Call for Volunteers

Piedmont Environmental Alliance is currently seeking passionate, committed volunteers to join its team.  If you are passionate about protecting and restoring our environment (and inspiring others to do the same), and you bring any of the following skills - please fill out the form below. 


By now, you've probably heard of #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. You may have received several email solicitations from local and national organizations all asking for your support. In fact, did you know that more than 30,000 nonprofit organizations in 68 countries will ask their donors for a contribution today? Millions of dollars will be donated by everyday people, all hoping to make an impact on the causes they care deeply about.

You made the difference, thank you!

At last week's 2015 Annual Meeting, we celebrated a year of organizational growth and transformation with our donors, volunteers and community partners. What an amazing year it has been at Piedmont Environmental Alliance. This year we hosted our tenth annual Piedmont Earth Day Fair, and launched new Youth Education programs, including Energy Explorers and Environmental Debate. This work would not have been possible without your support.

Board of Directors Candidates 2015-2017 Term

At the 2015 Annual Meeting, being held on Tuesday, November 17 at Summit School in Winston-Salem, the PEA membership will vote to approve candidates for the Board of Directors 2015-2017 term and approve a new slate of officers.  

Inspiring Change through Youth Education

Dear Friends of PEA,

Thanks to the financial and time contributions of people like you, we have had a transformative year. PEA expanded its programming focused on Environmental Education for K-12 students by launching two new programs - Energy Explorers and Environmental Debate.

In honor of Joseph Kilpatrick

Joseph Kilpatrick, passed away on Monday, August 10. He was an exceptional man. His talents helped thousands of people in his lifetime. He will be missed. 

Please help us celebrate his life and begin the long healing process. We will hold a memorial service at Knollwood Baptist Church on Friday, August 14 at 11am. A reception will follow. 

Weeding a Pond?

Living near a pond has inspired poetry and many other types of art. Many people love to sit by the water while others immerse themselves with activities like swimming, fishing, paddling and other water sports. During the summer months our ponds can get extreme weed growth. Not the weeds we see in our turf lawns but aquatic plants. Normally aquatic plants growing in ponds are beneficial for fish and wildlife. They provide food, dissolved oxygen, and habitat while trapping excessive nutrients. Some of these plants have beautiful flowers during the summer months. ​​

Planting Trees for Energy Conservation

Homeowners go to great lengths to conserve energy in this era of tight budgets and environmental awareness. However, many do not realize that the simple act of planting a tree can result in energy savings. The right tree planted in the right place provides wind protection, shade, and cool air, while adding beauty, privacy, and wildlife habitat to the landscape.

Tiny House Expedition on the Green

Saturday, June 20, 2015 - 11:30am - 8:00pm

It's a Tiny house community showcase, pop-up park & party! All about art, innovation and happy, healthy, sustainable communities. Sixth and Liberty Streets in #dtwsnc.  Free and open to the public, donations encouraged. 

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