PEA announces expanded programming, honors volunteers and elects new Board Members.

At the Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) Annual Meeting, held November 18, 2014 at Temple Emanuel in Winston-Salem, PEA announced plans for expanded programming, named a volunteer and green business of the year and welcomed new board members.

Board of Directors Candidates 2014 - 2016 Term

At the 2014 Annual Meeting, being held on Tuesday, November 18 at Temple Emanuel in Winston-Salem, the PEA membership will vote to approve candidates for the Board of Directors 2014-2016 term and approve a new slate of officers.  

Bring Back the Buffer with Shoreline Gardening

Did you know that typical landscaping practices could actually harm rivers and creeks? Most people that live by water resources like to remove all the landscape for a clear view. Why not, if you live near the water, you want to see it! Much like with gardening, living around water brings a sense of calm and relaxation. Landscaping around a waterway with lawn and mowing all the way to the banks increases stormwater runoff. This runoff carries fertilizer, pesticides, sediments, and pet waste from lawns directly into waterways, polluting the aquatic environment.

Sustainably Simple Solar Projects to Help Offset Winter Utilities

Tired of the ever increasing cost of utilities for your home? Feeling helpless to power bills that rise as the temperature drops, regardless of how many sweaters you pack on?  If you are interested in saving on heating, cooking and hot water costs, solutions are easier than you might think.  Solar power is a valuable resource and quite the game-changer for those of us interested in sustainability and sustaining our wallet-girth.

Uninvited House Guests

It’s that time of year when all types of creatures begin to seek shelter; sometimes in our homes. Not all of these creatures are interested in harming our building structure; they’re just looking for shelter over winter. Some of the most common invaders in large numbers are Asian ladybugs, Brown Marmorated stink bugs, and box elder bugs.

Sustainable Simplicity

Tired of being a slave to society’s expectations and the ever increasing cost of living? Do you want to have a small footprint, off-grid, minimalistic and mortgage-free home? Are you interested in learning more about becoming an urban homesteader, with a frugal, self-reliant, sustainable and simple lifestyle? Consider participating in one or more Meetup groups to learn about sustainable living and make changes in your life.  

2014 PEA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Join us for a special evening to celebrate a successful year, honor our exemplary community volunteers and green businesses, welcome new board members and share exciting news about the future of Piedmont Environmental Alliance. 

Complimentary desserts and refreshments will be provided. Raffle items include restaurant gift certificates, wine tours and tastings, wellness packages, college sports tickets and much more! 

Dynamic, engaging, inspiring change

Dear Friends of PEA, 

Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) is a dynamic community of individuals, families, nonprofits and businesses who are inspiring change through environmental education and outreach throughout the Piedmont Triad.

YOU are Piedmont Environmental Alliance. 

Today we are asking you — our supporters, donors, volunteers and activists — to show your support by making a donation and becoming a member of PEA. 

Mosquitoes are eating me alive this year...

The abundant (or over-abundant) rains that we've received the past few weeks have certainly created lots of pockets of standing water. With that can be higher populations of mosquitoes and perhaps a little fear of the diseases they can carry. There are currently seven mosquito-borne diseases found in humans and/or their pets in North Carolina, with the most common being West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and La Crosse viruses, plus dog heartworm.

Eco-Friendly Back to School

With back to school right around the corner, it’s time to hit the stores to stock up on school supplies. By making small changes to your shopping list and pledging to be more environmentally friendly you can limit your negative impact on the Earth’s natural resources.

2014 Board of Directors and Committee Nomination Form

Piedmont Environmental Alliance is currently seeking passionate, committed volunteers to join its leadership team.  Opportunities include the Board of Directors (two-year terms) and six working committees: Marketing, Fundraising, Finance, Partnerships and Programs, Board Development and Piedmont Earth Day Fair Planning.

If you are interested in being part of PEA’s mission to inspire people to make choices that protect and restore the environment, please submit the following form.

Critters in My Creek

Many people have seen flies of various types near creeks and rivers. If you like fishing, you may recognize some of these names: mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, dragonflies and dobsonflies. Did you know that these critters are needed for the ecosystem? Most of these flies begin their life cycles in the stream and are food for fish. As a group they are called benthic macroinvertebrates. Benthic refers to living on the bottom of a waterbody, macro means large enough to see with the naked eye, and invertebrate refers to animals without backbones.

WATERMARK, a/perture screening sponsored by PEA

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 6:00pm

Every living thing requires water. Humans interact with it in a myriad of ways, numerous times a day. But how often do we consider the complexity of that interaction? And, unless confronted by scarcity, when do we meditate on its ubiquity in creating, sustaining and enriching life?

Piedmont Environmental Alliance has sponsored a week-long screening of the film WATERMARK at A/perture Cinema from May 30 - June 5, with several screening times each day.  For a complete list of show times, visit

PEA members and supporters are encouraged to join us for a special  screening of the feature documentary on Tuesday, June 3 at 6:00 p.m., which will include a post-film discussion.

Celebrate Earth Day

Today marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day, a day on which event are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. As you know, the Piedmont Triad's largest Earth Day celebration and environmental education event of the year is the Piedmont Earth Day Fair, being held this Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Winston Salem Fairgrounds.

Zero Landfill Waste at the Fair

For the past seven years, the Piedmont Earth Day Fair has asked our sponsors, exhibitors and guests to meet the Zero Waste Challenge. Our goal is to host the Fair with the smallest environmental footprint possible, and making a commitment to eliminate the waste being sent to a landfill is a big part of meeting that goal. In 2012, we sent two bags of waste to a landfill, and in 2013 we only sent one.

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